MB's "The Gardener" is Featured on Bentlily's

My poem The Gardener is featured here on Bentlily.com

**UPDATED (2015)**

He humbled himself:
knelt his desire at the foot of his flower's bed,
like a penitent sinner. He saw her over
whelmed with green and understood her
hard earth would soften by offering a little water.

Stretched across her wooden frame, using bare-skinned hands, 
he skillfully plucked each weed suffocating his garden...
Between fore-finger-and-thumb tips he caressed each
hole carved into her withering leaves and determined in his
heart to exterminate the devouring creatures.

He remembered to replenish the soil.

At the side, he unwound the hose attached to the house 
and unstopped the faucet:
resurrecting roots giving up the ghost.

Exhausted and dewed,
he rested awhile...Many nights he
communed beneath the stars, savoring 
Moonflower, Honeysuckle, Corn Poppy, Tiger Lily, and Sunflower… 

He ate and was satisfied.


to wrap you around me
like a hand-made quilt,
to feel your breath
cradling my neck, and
the rise
and fall
and rise
and fall
of your chest...

Longing to feel you
seeing me, smiling at me,
feeding me (with your
kisses), caressing me,
holding me—don't let me go...

Longing to awake
to the sound of
your arms whispering,
you are mine...