Returning to My Self / A Love Poem to My Heart

  In an empty room 

within an empty house,

stands a figure: my empress.

A feast of colors surrounds Her.

Her name means "yellow maiden"

and I am Her yellow knight. 


            I enter through Her kitchen's door;

it's unlocked. Her back faces me. 

           Her dress is white,

terry-textured and embroidered in

           midnight blue; softly it kisses the floor. 

Her back slowly turns to the left, 

           Her shoulders too, and Her eyes greet mine…


            We are famished, 

famished from enduring the other's absence,

            famished from our forced separation. 

But I am not too late:

           Her belly is big...

and we are still young.


           ... I approach Her.

Her face reflects mine; 

           weariness warmed with relief and desire 

 pour from Her eyes and fill us both...

          My arms embrace Her, Her arms embrace me

(words are not needed)

           and gently we rock from side to side,

 turning in a circle…

REPOST: Friendship for Sale

Friendship for sale! Friendship for sale!
Friendship for sale! Friendship for sale!

My collection of friends, or
semi-friends, or never-were-my-friends,

are available for sale.

My collection of friends:
deceiving friends, lying friends, back-biting friends, spying friends, always mocking friends, and never letting me live friends. Always parenting me friends, jealous competitive friends, always gotta win friends, take the fun out of fun friends, judgmental friends, controlling, juckin'-n-jivin' friends. Talking behind your back friends, never calling me back friends, laughing at your expense friends, always talking but never listening friends, always right never wrong friends, over bearing and pushy friends, overstepping their bounds friends, unapologetic friends, complaining friends, using me for their own good friends, agenda-seeking friends...

are available for sale.

...loud and obnoxious friends, disrespectful friends, foul-mouth and ungrateful friends;
always-have-to-be-the-center-of-attention friends, codependent friends, provoking friends, unloving friends, low self-esteem friends, low financial means friends, going nowhere friends, extreme friends, unbelieving friends, two-timing friends, childish friends, arrogant friends, greedy friends, spoiled friends, nobody’s friend friends.

are all available for sale.

I am moving out of the neighborhood.

Grand Mother Wood Land

Today (July 4, 2013) is the 19th anniversary of my grandmother's death. In celebration of her I am posting Grand Mother Wood Land. Enjoy

MB's "The Gardener" is Featured on Bentlily's

My poem The Gardener is featured here on

**UPDATED (2015)**

He humbled himself:
knelt his desire at the foot of his flower's bed,
like a penitent sinner. He saw her over
whelmed with green and understood her
hard earth would soften by offering a little water.

Stretched across her wooden frame, using bare-skinned hands, 
he skillfully plucked each weed suffocating his garden...
Between fore-finger-and-thumb tips he caressed each
hole carved into her withering leaves and determined in his
heart to exterminate the devouring creatures.

He remembered to replenish the soil.

At the side, he unwound the hose attached to the house 
and unstopped the faucet:
resurrecting roots giving up the ghost.

Exhausted and dewed,
he rested awhile...Many nights he
communed beneath the stars, savoring 
Moonflower, Honeysuckle, Corn Poppy, Tiger Lily, and Sunflower… 

He ate and was satisfied.