What's This All About?

will play big and bold in the world;
will play on my terms.
will play loud in the world;
will play intelligently without apology.

(excerpt by MBrowne)

This blog functions as my personal ebook of poems. Rather than the tradtional use of this platform as a sort-of dialogue between the creator and the outside world, this is simply my monologue with myself, and those with whom I share it or happen upon it. Some poems posted here will be published outside of this platform, others will not, and some will never make the journey here. There are poems (and ruminations) with which you and your experiences will both agree and disagree--I respect that.
Feel free to write me your poem.

Oh, if you see something you like and want to share it, please give props where props are due. If you want to print, photocopy, publish or steal (fully or partially), please seek my permission first.