My Lover's Lips

“I'm jealous of you.

To you he retreats with for his daily embrace
always neglecting mine,suckling you between his folds
smoothly, gently
time after time.
Day after day,
hour after hour
he sits with you as his comfort
and I wish to become you so that
I might touch him, taste him, and he might need me, desire me
just as he does you
so faithfully.

Your narrow white body slips gracefully between his lips
feeling his wetness and the pressure of his inhalation.
I watch you nestling with his fingers-
a conversation my body has never had the pleasure of having.
While he clings to you, ignoring your slow poison,
he rejects the pureness of my heart and the cleanliness of my love.
Ohh, how I envy you for stealing time from me and leaving me
out in the cold, and old
shall I be
without a love story to be told.
Even when you are not around
there you remain,
his every breath

My lover’s lips are truly divine.
Yet it is you, not I, that receive of the wine,
a liquid velvet never to be mine,
that ferments daily between his couch’s split
and drips
from the tips
of my lover’s full lips.

You constantly burn, but not as I
with nothing of love pulsating through your insides.
You drop as ash to floor
leaving him unsatisfied and wanting more.
I too burn, but with a passion and a delight
at the sight of him, hoping
for just one taste, one lick, one long kiss goodnight
or a sensual bite…

I sit and wait
for him to let go of your bait
but as time waves goodbye
pieces of me die,
and my heart returns to her bedchambers to sob and to cry
.…and what I find most lamentable
is that I
am jealous of
a cigarette.”