I’ve got a lion in my chest.
It feels like fire.
Its claws have sunken deep into the flesh of my cage
and curled up under inside the bone.
Its mouth opens wide to let out a roar
but the teeth of its jaw got caught on the rib
beneath its left paw.

Its tail slithers languidly down my abdominal wall
and the lower pit of my stomach
has become his constant drum.
its hind feet rest nicely tucked up under its muscular bum
its claws, hawk like, perch right beneath my two breasts
where its body lay crushing through to the spine
where there is intertwined
pussing boils, red-stained tears,
and sweat
from the years
of running this race
called Faith.

I’ve got a lion in my chest.
It feels like fire
and it’s hard to breathe
and at times I feel like I’m lost at sea
although I heard Him distinctly
“come and follow me.”
My faith is tried and tested, and at times I fail the test
‘cuz I know what is pleasing
is walking without seeing
and coming to the end of my effort’s best.
But I’ve got a lion in my chest
that feels quite stuck
and now
has started to buck.
Jerking viciously to free its claws
and shaking violently to release his jaw.
No longer satisfied within this space
it wants to break free
to occupy its place
with those that roam ‘round.
And the morbid sound
of his constant pound
and writhing around and around
shimmy up and down,
my fist hard and round
from electric anxieties that I can’t ground
and hungers that are hard to bound.
My pile of dreams is a growing mound
and heavenly promises nowhere to be found
with tormenting doubts pecking at my crown.

I’ve got a lion in my chest.
It feels like fire
and like I’m walking on wire
ready to explode
and finish this episode
of my life in hidden code
and take up a new abode
with a different air
without one care
or traps and snares
so I can finally
live in the destiny
He created in me,
before the earth took shape and form,

I’ve got a lion in my chest-
Heavenly Father